What to expect

Each Rolfing session lasts between 75-90 minutes. The hands-on work is done on a comfortable table, as well as on a seated bench.

I begin with a check-in and postural assessment where I look for movement and holding patterns, observing what changes have occurred since the last session if you’ve had one, and determining how together, we can bring more ease into your body.

I will then work on areas of restriction, some more than others, or differently from side to side, to help you restore your upright posture.

The Rolfing process is engaged and participatory: while I use physical pressure to mobilize connective tissue restrictions, I will be asking for breath and movement to facilitate the restoration of healthy movement patterns.

As we work you will experience sensations of stretch and release, and it may feel intense at times. As the client, you are always in charge of how deeply we choose to work.

Still have questions? Have a look through my FAQs.

Rolfing is an ongoing process that continues long after the work has been completed. Bodies have a natural liking for uprightness, comfort and ease.
— Dr. Ida Rolf