What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

When a body is in pain or discomfort, whether physical or emotional, the unconscious response is to tighten and shorten in an effort to “get away” from the pain.

Rolfing® focuses on lengthening and balancing the body in order for the tightened tissues to have some place to go after the release.
— Ida P. Rolf

Rolfing® is a wholistic approach to healing that restores and re-aligns  the connective tissue (or fascia) throughout the body. It is a system of bodywork that combines soft tissue manipulation and movement education to re-balance the body, thereby releasing stresses and strains that may have been held for many years.

The result is a greater sense of vitality, emotional resilience, and overall sense of ease.


Here's a short video about what Rolfing® is, and what it can affect.



Restoring space in the body’s structure

Injuries, chronic tension and poor postural habits make it more difficult to maintain an easy upright posture, causing the body to struggle against gravity's downward drag.

As the body loses its structure, it compensates by thickening and shortening the fascia. This affects our physical and emotional wellbeing at every level: nerves and vessels get squeezed, joints lose space, and energy cannot flow.

Rolfing helps to reverse these effects by taking advantage of the pliable nature of fascia. By slowly lengthening and reshaping the fascia, patterns of strain are systematically eased, and the body's structures can shift back to where they belong. 

As your body better aligns itself with gravity, it will require less effort to stand and move. The newfound space in your joints and length in your body will manifest in the quality of your presence and movement. 

The Ten Series

Rolfing does not achieve perfection; it begins a process. Its goal is to establish balance in gravity. The ten hour cycle is a first step in that direction.
— Dr. Ida Rolf

The Rolfing Ten Series is a system of bodywork that addresses the whole body’s fascial layers. Each session builds upon the previous one to create greater support and adaptability. The structural changes and openness created in the earlier sessions make way for the later ones.

The Ten Series is a great opportunity to learn about your patterns and habits, and gain insights about how you move through the world. As your body learns in each session to move in more natural ways, the work steadily integrates into your daily life.

Rolfing® is a trademarked body mind therapy. Rolfers™ are trained at the Rolf Institute®.

At 2:00, Violinist Jennifer Koh speaks about the role Rolfing plays in her self-care routine to stay fluid and avoid injury.

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