"In Gratitude!”
“For my first Rolfing experience I am grateful to have found Charlene as my practitioner. She is knowledgeable and passionate about supporting my healing process. I felt better after every session and the effects lasted beyond the sessions. Charlene helped me with acute issues as well as chronic conditions with my body. I would definitely recommend Charlene and her healing modalities.”
Elisse P.
April 2016

“My 3 Rolfing sessions with Charlene were wonderful. She was a great listener and worked carefully and attentively to truly help me heal. My neck pain had completely resolved after my second session and I can’t wait to continue my Rolfing series. I above and beyond recommend Charlene and Spacious Body Rolfing :)”
Mamie P.
May 2016 

"Truly exceptional”
“Having no prior knowledge or experience of Rolfing, I have to say it was a wholly positive experience, the benefits of which will be with me for quite a while. Charlene is a brilliantly knowledgeable, empathetic and special person and truly talented practitioner – and I feel lucky our paths have crossed. HIGHLY recommend her!"
Tracy S.
January 2016

"I had a really fantastic experience in my first session with Charlene, and I'll definitely be scheduling my next appointment soon. Charlene was very attentive and understanding of what I wanted to get out of the session, and she really catered the appointment to my body needs. Highly recommended!"
Allison A. 
April 2016

"It was a wonderful experience.” 
“Charlene is talented and sensitive to the needs of the physical and energetic body. She is attuned and has a calm demeanour that allows one to relax."
April 2016

"Exceptional. Exceeds expectations!”
“Charlene is masterful in her knowledge and technique and intuitive in all the right ways when it comes to this kind of bodywork. She was incredibly professional, appropriately inquisitive and adept at providing a profound healing space. I highly recommend her services."
April 2016

“I booked an appointment with Charlene on the recommendation of a friend and I really should have done this earlier. I have literally been introduced to parts of my body. Amazing! Thanks Charlene!"
Alex N.
January 2016